Tactile guidance systems, floor indicators, tactile marking, marking for visually impaired, markings for blind people, tactile self adhesive sheets.

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Tested according to DIN 51130; 2014-02: R 11 (Prüfbericht CBP Nr. 192/17) Download certificate

PrefaTac - tactile guidance systems

Ready-to-use floor indicators with ribs and studs to be used on almost any substrate.

No time-consuming and expensive construction works.

Simple and effective installation, ribs and knobs in sharp relief to the white carrier sheet.

Design and processing
Thanks to high-quality appearance, PrefaTac is designed for aesthetically sensitive applications.

PrefaTac dimensions

Available in the following combinations: RAL 9016 / RAL 9017. Other color combinations on request. PrefaTac colours

PrefaTac Self-adhesive


PrefaTac Flexible


PrefaTac Shape permanence

Shape permanence

PrefaTac Indoors and outdoors

Indoors and outdoors

PrefaTac Fast installation

Fast installation

PrefaTac No risk of stumbling

No risk of stumbling

PrefaTac Sharp relief

Sharp relief

PrefaTac Non-Skid


PrefaTherm application instructions step 1

1) Clean the surface

Clean and dry the surface. Please respect the recommended application temperature.

PrefaTherm application instructions step 2

2) Apply the outline

Place PrefaTac in position and mark the outlines by masking tape. Keep a small gap between tape and the material.

PrefaTherm application instructions step 3

3) Cut with a knife

When necessary cut PrefaTac into the final shape.


PrefaTherm application instructions step 4

4) 2K adhesive (Cold plastic)

Apply 2K-adhesive with a notched trowel within the taped outline.


PrefaTherm application instructions step 5

5) Remove liner

Remove the protective foil from the bottom side and place PrefaTac into final position.

PrefaTherm application instructions step 6

6) Tamp down

Tamp down carefully into the adhesive. Remove the leaving adhesive between the sheets before drying. Important: remove the tape before the adhesive gets cured.

PrefaTherm application instructions step 7

a) On smooth surfaces

No adhesive necessary, only remove the protective liner.

PrefaTherm application instructions step 8

b) Stick on

Place PrefaTac only on a clean and dry surface. Tamp in by your body weight.